Professional Services

Smarsh has almost two decades of experience in information governance. Every day we help customers meet their regulatory and legal obligations across archiving, compliance, supervision, e-discovery and records management.

Our expert team is on hand to help


Maximize Value

Leverage the full value of our products to suit the needs of your business.


Maximize Efficiency

Increase efficiency across data assessments, business processes, workflow development, technology selection, or through bespoke solutions designed for your business.


Succeed Together

Our goal is to ensure you get all the support and add-on services you need to maximize the value of our products and drive business success.


Focus on What Matters

Making use of our professional services enables you to focus on meeting your own customers' needs, while staying compliant.


Trust our Experts

Our Professional Services experts have a wealth of experience with our technology and with the regulated industries served by our products.


Stay Compliant

We are here to help you maximize your organization's value and efficiency, while staying compliant.

Our Services

Smarsh customers can choose from any combination of our professional services to add value to their products.

Supervision Services

For customers who want to maximize the value and efficiency of their Supervision process, policies and workflow

We provide feedback about whether your supervision process needs improvement or updating and what needs to be included if it’s incomplete.
Smarsh is on hand to provide expertise about optimizing policies to create maximum efficiency in your review process.

Onboarding, Audits & Export Services

For customers who seek extra assistance with onboarding, audits and/or export requirements

Our Assisted Onboarding service allows you to focus on your business, while our expert team helps you manage the implementation. Assisted Onboarding is additional to our traditional setup services and includes a project manager that serves a consistent point of contact throughout your onboarding experience. Management of data migration can also be handled as part of this process.
Audit Assist enables you to respond quicker and more efficiently to regulator requests with an added level of expert support from Smarsh.

Still have questions?

Talk to our sales team who will walk you through our plans and the different options for your organization.