Capture Vimeo content instantly without losing context or functionality

Website archiving is important for business oversight and efficiency. It is also a legal requirement for a number of industries. Smarsh enables you to capture Vimeo content instantly including revisions, documents, links to third-party content and interactive features, without losing context or functionality. Smarsh capture and archiving solutions for Vimeo enable:

  • Compliance oversight: Smarsh enables you to archive a single web page or your entire website together with linked third-party content. This can help you to satisfy regulatory requirements and meet your internal policies. Smarsh web archiving cuts down the need for manual processes and provides organizations with oversight of a large volume of web pages in one, central location.
  • Protection against false claims: Archiving web content helps to protect you against false claims about your content. It protects your intellectual property and provides a clear audit trail and history of website changes for internal investigations and business analysis.
  • Automatic archiving and fast, effective supervision and e-discovery: Web content including Vimeo content (complete websites or individual pages) is automatically indexed and archived. It is retained reliably in its original form where it can be easily accessed for e-discovery, supervision and ad-hoc searches.
  • End-to-end security: Whether data is in transit or at rest.

Key Features

Comprehensive capture

Automatic capture

Archive a single web page or an entire website, along with linked third-party content.

Capture Flexibility

You can customize the frequency and the number of web pages archived.
Multiple export and download options

Export and download options

Web pages can be securely downloaded to a PC, encrypted and saved to a portable media device, or imported into a third-party legal review platform. Export options include PDF, JPG screenshots and text.

Web page time stamping

Each archived page is time-stamped and stored unaltered in its original format. A full audit trail is kept of every action taken within the archive.

Advanced search

Web pages are captured and retained in full context. Fast, powerful, granular search capabilities can be used alongside purpose-built supervision workflows for the most effective review experience.

Side-by-side comparison

Web Archive comes with multiple page comparison options across any two selected dates for ease of review.

Dynamic website reconstruction

Our live browsing feature allows websites to be viewed dynamically reconstructed as if they were still live at any point in time. Views are fully interactive.