Say yes to the communication tools your employees want to use to conduct business, while mitigating risk.

Employees, especially at global organizations, have long wanted to use WeChat to communicate with clients and each other for business purposes. Due to the difficulty associated with capturing and archiving this content, the majority of regulated organizations simply prohibit the use of such tools. This frustrates their workforce and leaves them open to risk when employees violate prohibition policies. Smarsh provides a capture and archiving solution for WeChat content. This means that organizations with compliance, open records and e-discovery requirements can now leverage WeChat while meeting recordkeeping and oversight obligations. Smarsh Capture and Archiving solutions for WeChat enable:

  • Content governance for a global workforce: WeChat content can be captured, indexed and retained in the Smarsh archive in a “search-ready” state, and is accessible at any time. This means your organization can provide your Compliance, Legal and IT teams with confidence to embrace the use of WeChat communications. Contact our sales team for full details about how we capture WeChat content.

  • Supervision of content: Granular policies can be applied to WeChat content as it is added to the archive for automated supervision. Captured content can be inspected to flag the leakage of sensitive information, suspicious behavior and/or abusive language.

  • Automated archiving for compliance and e-discovery: WeChat content can be archived by Smarsh or sent to an external archive. A single search can be performed across WeChat content together with all other archived communication channels for easier, faster review. The same solution is available for WhatsApp content. 

  • End-to-end security: Whether data is in transit or at rest.

Key Features

API driven Capture

Direct source capture

Content is captured in its unaltered, native format, with chain of custody preserved. Contact our sales team for full details about how we capture WeChat content.

Message threading

Message threading shows WeChat messages in their original context. Files, photos and videos are displayed as part of the messages, as they were originally sent.
Personas and Identity Management

Profile and identity management

Smarsh supports identity and profile provisioning in the archive using automated directory synchronization. This includes bulk provisioning of IM platforms and user acceptance status updates.

Attachments support

Attachments including images, videos and other files are supported and archived attachments and can be viewed or downloaded in proper context in their original form.

Automatic Indexing

All messages are automatically indexed upon ingestion into our archive for speedy retrieval. Messages can be checked and flagged for review based on customizable, granular policies for key words and phrases.
External archiver support icon

Smarsh or external archive support

WeChat communications can be retained in the Smarsh Enterprise Archive – an immutable and context-aware data store - or any other archive, application or data lake. Connected Apps are available for optimized supervision and e-discovery.