What Does a NextGen E-Discovery Playbook Look Like?

Creating the perfect NextGen E-Discovery Playbook for your firm

You’ve exchanged information with your clients via text message, posted on social media platforms like LinkedIn, collaborated with colleagues on Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business. So, as technologies for communications and collaboration continue to move away from email and static documents, how should a firm adjust its e-discovery playbook?

Every new communications and collaboration technology is different, but we find that e-discovery managers seeking to update their e-discovery playbooks inevitably stumble upon the same crucial questions.

  • How can you match custodians to all of their content sources?
  • What methods are available to collect and preserve these content sources?
  • How can legal teams review rich, dynamic collaborative content?
  • How can metadata and conversational context be delivered for production?

Learn the answers to these questions and more in the guide, What Does a NextGen E-Discovery Playbook Look Like?

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