Bulletin 2015-02: Guidance on Managing Electronic Messages

Bulletin 2015-02 provides records management guidance for electronic messages including: text messages, chat/instant messages, messaging functionality on social media tools or applications, voice messages, and similar electronic messaging system forms. This Bulletin replaces the National Archives’ FAQ About Instant Messaging. The Bulletin’s purpose is to help agencies develop strategies for managing electronic messages.

The Bulletin defines “electronic messages” as “electronic mail and other electronic messaging systems that are used for purposes of communicating between individuals.” The Bulletin further establishes electronic messages created or received in the course of agency as Federal records, regardless of whether the business was conducted on a work or personal device or account.

Bulletin 2015-02 goes on to explain some of the records management challenges associated with electronic messages and how agencies should address them.

Link to Bulletin: https://www.archives.gov/records-mgmt/bulletins/2015/2015-02.html

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