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As the workplace goes digital and communication channels evolve, the insurance industry is faced with increasingly challenging records retention and oversight requirements. Legacy content management and archiving technologies limit growth and cost resources to maintain, and data migration is often cumbersome and expensive. All these issues can halt the process of adopting modern technology, resulting in lost productivity and agility.

For over 20 years, Smarsh has been a key partner in helping organizations overcome these challenges. Our solutions empower insurance companies to adopt the most innovative communications channels, while meeting content retention and oversight obligations. We have helped over 6,500 customers embrace innovation, including insurance property/casualty, life, and health insurance organizations, among others.

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Comprehensive capture


Smarsh enables you to capture data from over 80 communication channels. This includes the most widely used email, instant messaging/collaboration, social media, mobile, voice and web platforms.

Content is captured in its native, unaltered format with its original conversational context intact. Once archived, content is automatically indexed and made searchable. This ensures that you can confidently meet NAIC and FINRA recordkeeping and supervision obligations.

Secure storage & retention

Once captured, all content can be retained seamlessly in our immutable and context-aware archives.

Alternatively, content can be sent to any existing archive, application or data lake.

Smarsh communications and web archiving solutions provide you with a range of deployment options as well as customizable retention periods to meet HIPAA and ERISA requirements.

Cloud-based archiving

Legacy content management and archiving products are embedded into business processes, complicating the move to the cloud.

The Smarsh Connected Archive indexes, stores and preserves today’s modern communications sources, leveraging a cloud-native infrastructure to take advantage of today’s public cloud innovations.

Streamlined discovery

Preparing for litigation, early-case assessment and investigations is a recurrent challenge for insurance companies.

Our streamlined e-discovery solution makes collecting, preserving, reviewing and exporting content across all communications channels fast and efficient. This enables you to reduce risk as well as litigation costs.

Risk management

Insurance companies frequently have trouble identifying and responding to cyber and fraud risks. Limited visibility into legacy content repositories makes it harder to get a complete picture of all relevant risk factors.

Smarsh archiving solutions give you the tools to highlight potential risks hidden within your archived data. Customizable and sophisticated policies help you zero in on the areas most relevant to your business. Combined with analytics tools, dashboards and reporting capabilities, these solutions enable you to not just see risk, but to stay ahead of it.

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