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Built for large enterprises with complex regulatory and e-discovery requirements.

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Powerful, extensible technology built for performance at scale.

The Smarsh Enterprise Archive uses modern, web-scale technologies to ingest, search and export content orders of magnitude faster than legacy archives. All content is retained in native form for the industry’s most effective and efficient review experience, reducing supervision and e-discovery costs and increasing productivity. The archive is sized to meet your specific requirements and performance goals. It can be scaled as your data volume grows, with no impact to performance.

Key capabilities include:


Performance at Scale

Designed using the same next-generation technologies powering Netflix, Amazon and Google, the platform’s cloud infrastructure can be scaled to support billions of documents at high speed. Ingestion and export rates are set in accordance with your organization’s specific performance requirements.

As your data volume grows, you can automatically add compute and/or storage resources to ensure consistent system performance, consuming only the resources you need at any given time. Additional peace of mind is provided by Enterprise Archive’s modern, modular design and distributed processing. Workloads can be run in parallel and the archive has no single point of failure.

Enterprise Archive is a fully managed service. Smarsh leverages continuous integration and deployment technologies for fast, error-free deployments, configuration and upgrades.


Security & Privacy

Enterprise Archive provides your organization with uncompromised data security, privacy and protection. Features include:

  • Data encryption at the point of ingestion, in motion and at rest
  • Immutable, WORM-compliant storage
  • Stringent access controls including advanced authentication, single sign-on and multi-factor identification
  • Regular external penetration tests and third-party audit attestations
  • As much data and compute isolation as you need

API Access

The platform is architected for extensibility and can integrate with your existing technology ecosystem. Enterprise Archive comes with the ability to ingest custom content in full context through APIs.

Access can be provided to the platform’s export and enhancement APIs as part of the Enterprise Archive SDK. You can build integrations to downstream applications from third-party providers such as surveillance or reporting applications, complete with custom settings to meet your organization’s specific business needs.


Contextual Capture

Connected Capture integrates seamlessly with Enterprise Archive, supporting 80+ communication channels as well as custom content.

Unlike email-centric archives, Enterprise Archive preserves all your communications data and metadata in native format, directly from the source channel. Compliance teams benefit from complete playback of rich, dynamic conversational context and full transcripts of conversational events (e.g., join, leave, delete) for the most comprehensive review experience.


Faceted Search

The platform's intelligent search capabilities enable you to perform simple keyword searches or advanced searches using Boolean logic, phrases, proximity, wildcards, and regular expressions. Searches can be narrowed to specific channels and/or participants by the faceted search functionality, and granular filtering can eliminate non-responsive content.

Search criteria can be saved for later reuse, with the ability to export an entire result set or only specific items.

Words and phrases within search results are highlighted for ease of review.

With the platform's performance goals able to be tuned to your organization's unique requirements, search speeds far outpace those of legacy archives. Baseline rates return results in less than 5 seconds for the average search.

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Granular Policies

The platform's policies are highly customizable and can be enforced across users, groups, networks and other data points to govern the content of electronic communications.

Geographic policies can be created to meet data residency requirements, with automated disposition upon policy expiration.

Content retention policies can be set for whichever duration meets your regulatory and business needs.

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Admin, Audits & Reporting

Administrators can add or create users and define roles within the platform. The automated identity mapping feature enables all identities of an archived participant (Facebook ID, Twitter Handle, LinkedIn ID, SharePoint ID etc.) to be unified into a single participant entry. Policies can then be applied to communications across all channels for an individual participant or a group of participants, increasing the efficiency of e-discovery and supervision review.

Identity management services include Active Directory and LDIF import, with inbuilt support for bulk and automated provisioning of content.

Reports can be run on-demand or at scheduled intervals to derive message analytics and patterns from the archived data. A full audit trail is kept of every action taken within the platform, tracking review activity and the lifecycle of each message. Reconciliation reports can be set to show counts of unreconciled items. Customizable dashboards provide administrators with up-to-the minute status updates for enhanced oversight of archiving activity.


High Availability & Disaster Protection

Smarsh maintains a commitment to the highest level of uptime and service availability. The platform’s distributed architecture means there is no single point of failure, there is no data lost in transit and therefore no data loss and no downtime. There are multiple copies of all data stored on three different availability zones for high availability of data and for disaster protection, with the ability to continue operation in the event of a failure on any of the sites, with no impact to the organization.

We capture everything.

Across 80+ channels - the most communications captured by any provider - directly from the source

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