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Enterprise Archive

An extensible, context-aware cloud archive designed for the go-forward needs of global organizations.

Empower your teams
with an archive built for unmatched performance at scale

The Smarsh Enterprise Archive positions your business for the future. It uses modern, web-scale technologies to ingest, search and export content orders of magnitude faster than legacy archives. All of your content is retained in full conversational context, helping you to reduce costs and increase productivity with the industry’s most effective and efficient review experience. The Enterprise Archive is built to scale as your data volume grows, with no impact to platform performance. It can be hosted on your choice of leading cloud infrastructures almost anywhere in the world and is fully enabled to feed downstream applications for enhanced analytics, surveillance and business insights. Calculate how much you will save by moving your legacy on-premise archive to the cloud.

Calculate how much you will save by moving
your legacy on-premise archive to the cloud
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Comparing the total cost of ownership (TCO) between Smarsh and legacy on-premise archives requires knowing many variables—software and hardware maintenance, data storage, professional services and IT costs, as well as HA / DR expenses. This tool uses independent industry benchmark data to evaluate the total cost comparison.
3-year cost savings of moving your on-premise archive to the Smarsh Enterprise Archive
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Enterprise Archive
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Key capabilities include:


Superior performance and scale

The Enterprise Archive is deployed on the most impressive infrastructures ever built – the public clouds of Azure and AWS. Architected as a cloud-native application, one of the Enterprise Archive’s most differentiated benefits is being able to take advantage of the superior scale and performance that these public clouds provide.

All resource-intensive activities, from import and export to search and writing to the archive, can scale elastically to provide any service level a customer may require, on-demand. Up to 6.5 TB of data can be exported per day on a standard deployment. Additional resources can be added to the archive as your data volume grows to achieve optimal performance.

The result is unmatched performance, with demonstrable sub-second search across millions of records, regardless of the volume of ingested data and the strongest possible commercial ROI.


Context preservation

Smarsh is the only Enterprise Information Archiving provider that captures such a wide variety of content and retains it the right way. Unlike email-centric archives, the Enterprise Archive is designed for modern communications.

All content is stored in its native format, in full context. This enables your supervision or e-discovery reviewers to benefit from full transcripts of conversational events (including joins, leaves, edits, deletes, comments, replies, attachments and more). Point-in-time snapshots of threaded interactions can be played back from the archive in their full conversational context, resulting in the industry’s fastest, most effective review.


Platform extensibility

Choose an archive that you can take into the future. Rely on Smarsh to create a strategic data layer to drive your business forward. The Enterprise Archive has an open, API-based architecture, which enables our customers with ready, secure access to their valuable data, in the form of a broad array of ingestion, enrichment and export APIs.

By using our APIs, you can add business intelligence to your archived communications data. For example, you can derive sentiments and risk scoring from downstream analytics applications that leverage machine learning.


Faceted search and granular policies

The platform's intelligent search capabilities enable you to perform simple keyword or advanced searches using Boolean logic, phrases, proximity, wildcards, and regular expressions. Searches can be narrowed to specific channels and/or participants using faceted search functionality with granular filtering that eliminates non-responsive content. Our search speeds far outpace those of competitor legacy archives, with baseline rates of fewer than 5 seconds for the average search.

The platform's policies are equally powerful. Each policy is highly customizable and can be enforced across users, groups, networks and other data dimensions. Geo-specific and retention policies can be created to meet data residency requirements, with automated disposition upon policy expiration.

Archive Trends Dashboard

Admin, audits & reporting

Administrators can add or create users and define roles within the platform. Automated identity mapping enables the unification of archived identities (e.g. LinkedIn IDs, Facebook IDs, Twitter handles) into a single participant identity. Policies can then be applied to communications across all channels for individuals or groups, increasing the efficiency of e-discovery and supervision review. Identity management services include Active Directory sync and import, with built-in support for bulk and automated provisioning.

The Smarsh Audit Center provides end-to-end data reconciliation between source input and what is archived.

Reports can be run on-demand or at scheduled intervals to derive message analytics from the archived data. A full audit trail is kept of every action taken within the platform, and customizable dashboards provide administrators with up-to-the minute status updates for full oversight of archiving activity.


Global, triple-active availability

Smarsh maintains a commitment to the highest level of uptime and service availability. The platform’s distributed architecture means there is no single point of failure, there is no data lost in transit and therefore no data loss and no downtime. Multiple copies of all data are stored on three different availability zones for high availability of data and disaster protection. Providing a Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective of effectively zero, operations can continue in the event of a failure at any of the sites, with no impact to the organization.


Top-tier security

Smarsh has a strong information security program, including periodic risk assessment, threat modeling and governance, together with regular application security testing and third-party reviews. Security engineers monitor security events and proactively respond to threats. All client data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Encryption keys are managed using robust and verified processes, with regular key rotation. The archive is an immutable, WORM-compliant content store.

The Enterprise Archive application is hosted in secure, isolated containers, where system immutability  is enforced. Frequent rotation of containers and hardened operating systems ensure that data security and integrity controls remain effective.

The Enterprise Archive architecture  applies security controls across all  RESTful service endpoints, including strong authentication. Strong network security controls are used, including isolation of each service. Clients can enforce stringent role-based access controls, including multi-factor authentication, through single sign-on.

personal archive screenshot

Personal Archive access

With Personal Archive for the Enterprise Archive, employees now have a single place to find all their communications, not just e-mail, easily. Employees don’t have to go to multiple applications such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams or Slack to find the content that they are looking for. By using unified identity management in the Enterprise Archive platform, the Personal Archive can federate search queries across all communication channels in the background. This enables fast, seamless access to all employee content, resulting in productivity gain.

We capture everything

across 80+ channels, directly from the source, in full conversational context

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