Emergency Management & Public Records

On-Demand Webinar


How to prepare for post-event public records requests

Hurricanes, tropical storms/depressions, wildfires, tornados, floods, and manmade emergencies have all struck the US in recent history. Fast and efficient communications are essential in managing these types of disasters, but that often means creating a massive influx of public records. Further complicating this issue, state public record laws are frequently updated, which makes it difficult to catch up with and stay on top of your organizational responsibilities.

Join us for a webinar on how to prepare your city or department to capture communications data for fulfilling post-event public records requests, as well as tips on how to use the data for debriefs.

Register and attend to learn:

  • How to best leverage text messages and social media during emergencies
  • The steps necessary to modernize your public records approach
  • Benefits of having searchable communications data
  • Best practices for digital communications records management