3 Ways Text Messaging Exposes Government Organizations to Massive Risk

Texting is simple, concise and compatible with virtually every mobile device, operating system and wireless carrier—making it extremely accessible when a government official or employee wants to communicate with staff or community members in a time-crunched world. But even though text is easy, reliable and intuitive—if it’s used for official business communications, it can create tremendous risk.

Government organizations that recognize the benefits of comprehensive archiving, including text message archiving, will reap the benefits when they implement policies and solutions. Those that lag behind will play the odds, at a time when government transparency, litigation preparedness and keeping the public’s trust is central to an organization’s continued success.

Read 3 Ways Text Messaging Exposes Government Organizations to Massive Risk to learn:

  • The complexity of archiving and searching text message records
  • Legal risks and hurdles you can face
  • Reputational risk and how to protect it

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