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Our onboarding team can save you time and stress when implementing your Smarsh solution.

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Save budget, time, and resources with our service packages.

Our service packages have been specifically designed to serve your needs for small to medium size firms, so you can get the help you need and meet your budget requirements. While Smarsh offers ala carte options, you can save even more with packages.

Onboarding Packages

We understand that every implementation is unique. Smarsh offers multiple onboarding packages designed to suit your needs:

Archive Packages

To get started with the Professional Archive, we offer everything from do-it-yourself QuickStart plans to Standard plans with web conference and knowledge transfer. Smarsh also offers Advanced and Custom onboarding plans for large or complex deployments complete with dedicated training and planning resources.

Product Packages

Whether you have the Smarsh Enterprise Archive, an Enterprise-grade Capture product or an Enterprise-grade Connected Application, we can help you get your solution set up. We offer both remote and on-site onboarding complete with project planning, environment preparation and building and knowledge transfer.

Smarsh University & the Customer Success Toolkit

Large enterprises often require additional resources to introduce Smarsh to end-users after implementation. In coordination with Smarsh University, our training platform accessible via Smarsh Central, customers can take advantage of a toolkit of materials to ensure their employees are aware of and trained on Smarsh. The toolkit includes an employee communication plan, a project plan and a training plan with Smarsh University.

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Smarsh has a variety of professional services to suit your organization's needs.

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