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Directory Synchronization VAM and Identity Management


This web-based training course provides a comprehensive introduction to Directory Synchronization Value Added Module (VAM) and Identity Management. Attendees will gain a solid understanding of the requirements for directory synchronization and identity management. They will understand what is required when synchronizing corporate directory information with Enterprise Archive and how to have good identity management as part of that process. This will ensure archived communications are associated with unique participant records within Enterprise Archive.

Course Topics

  • Directory Synchronization and Identity Management overview and concepts
  • Directory Synchronization On-Prem VAM Requirements
  • Directory Synchronization Azure VAM Requirements
  • Components of Directory Synchronization On-Prem VAM
  • Components of Directory Synchronization Azure VAM
  • Installation and configuration of On-Prem VAM
  • Installation and configuration of Azure VAM
  • Generating a CSV
  • Validating CSV with Validation Script Tool
  • How to manage Identities when capturing communications
  • Loading CSV / Corporate Directory information in Enterprise Archive
  • Automating the directory synchronization
  • What to do to get ready for directory synchronization