Navigate Archiving and Records Management in the Face of Upcoming Elections

Best practices & modernization advice for government agencies

In a landscape shaped by rapidly evolving technology and increasing public scrutiny, staying on top of your agency’s archiving and records management has never been more critical. This is particularly true in an election year.

In this guide, learn how you can equip your agency to efficiently archive and manage public records, maintain transparency, and increase your preparedness for any record-keeping eventuality.

Highlights include:

  • State-by-state laws: A detailed overview of public records laws across different states, providing you with a broader understanding of compliance in diverse jurisdictions.
  • Common pitfalls: Real-world examples of agencies found non-compliant with public records requirements, offering valuable takeaways to improve your practices.
  • Fulfillment fundamentals: Adopt record fulfillment best practices to streamline process and enhance efficacy in response to public records requests.

Prepare your agency for the upcoming elections and beyond with strategies that promote transparency, compliance, and efficiency in records management.

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