Communications Intelligence

Discovering Opportunities and Managing Risk

Business professionals have become immersed in a world where an increasing percentage of time and mental energy is engaged in, consumed by, and overloaded with digital communications tools. Unfortunately, the technologies that many organizations still use to capture, monitor and understand this information were designed in a different era, for a very different problem.


Smarsh Guide: Communication Intelligence

Identifying and mitigating information risk has been and will continue to be an ongoing challenge, but organizations reimagining how they can architect an information foundation with this ever-multiplying data variety can unleash new sources of value – not only to mitigate risk, but to surface new workforce insights and mine customer communication trends that drive engagement and satisfaction.

In other words, communications intelligence.

In this guide, we’ll cover the three building blocks of communications intelligence and take you step-by-step toward a deeper understanding of your data and a more competitive business posture.