Communications Intelligence

A datacentric maturity model for the Three Lines of Defense and Beyond

The challenges faced by those in supervision, surveillance and broader compliance and risk and control functions require a data-first approach. This is more easily achieved if business chiefs realize that they too benefit from the same tooling and data model. A new maturity matrix defining the journey to this target state is a significant first step.


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In this dynamic report from 1LoD, learn how to plot your company's data journey following the Three Lines of Defense methodology, and bridge the gap between compliance and the rest of your business. Find out where you stand and where you need to go in the following areas:

  • Communications Compliance Program
  • Capture Management
  • Information Archive
  • Supervision & Surveillance
  • Audit
  • Integrated Technology Stack

Hear how others are managing business risk by taking a step back and understanding what’s happening with their data. Gain a new approach to managing data and use it to uncover new sources of value.

“The model allows companies to step back from everyday compliance to see where they are and where they should be going. And if they get this right, they will not only begin to solve their efficiency and effectiveness problems, but they will also build a new intelligence resource with the power to significantly enhance their businesses.” – Brian Cramer, CEO, Smarsh