White Paper

Compliance Solution: Buy vs. Build

Making the right decision for your communications compliance

Financial services firms find themselves at a collision point, where there’s widespread acceptance of new communication channels (like mobile apps) and a sharp uptick of regulatory enforcement actions and fine amounts.

Compliance and IT leaders must work together to update their compliance strategy and infrastructure to meet this challenge. If your firm has decided to modernize and streamline its channel capture capabilities and compliance processes, it must answer a pivotal question:

Is it better to build a custom solution using internal resources or buy a compliance solution from a third-party provider?

In this white paper, we analyze the drivers behind build vs. buy decisions and strategies for measuring the return on investment for each approach. We’ll go over:

  • Why a modern compliance solution is necessary (whether you buy or build)
  • Factors that influence cost and ROI for build strategies
  • Factors that influence cost and ROI for buy strategies
  • Other functionality aspects to consider when determining ROI
  • Best practices to enable agile adoption of new channels

Get the white paper to achieve a scalable and reliable solution that enables business growth while meeting compliance requirements and reducing risk.

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