Industry Brief

Confidently Collaborate in the Next Era of Technology and Compliance

Stay compliant in the face of new technologies, new features and new regulations

Are your firm's employees using unapproved communications channels? Many financial services institutions are struggling to answer this question as regulators move with purpose in their enforcement actions. However, there's another question to consider: what happens when approved tools evolve and get updated to take advantage of new technologies or changing communication trends?

Maintaining oversight is an ever-evolving task for compliance teams. So, current approved channels that align with your compliance requirements don't always stay that way. But what can you do to adapt and overcome?

In this brief, we examine how firms can:

  • Use the latest collaborative and conferencing capabilities compliantly
  • Look ahead to the incorporation of generative AI
  • Capitalize on technology partnerships

Download this industry brief to discover how to navigate evolving technology and changing regulations.

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