The Definitive Guide to Electronic Communications Capture: IM & Collaboration

Instant messaging and collaboration technologies like Microsoft Teams and Slack are well-suited for organizations of any size and across industries. They combine the best parts of email, text messaging, chat, document collaboration, conferencing and social media into one central platform.

They’re also good for the bottom line. Benefits of enabling collaboration technologies include increased productivity, improved business cycle times and improved service delivery. These all contribute to a reduction in cost and the ability to positively impact revenue.

These modalities generate unique communications data that can create distinct challenges for compliance and IT teams in regulated organizations. And the events of 2020 made them business-critical for many organizations.

In this guide, we expand on:

  • The benefits and risks associated with IM & collaboration platforms
  • The unique challenges of capturing IM & collaboration content
  • Options for capturing IM & collaboration content

Download the Definitive Guide to Electronic Communications Capture: IM & Collaboration and learn how to securely and compliantly enable these platforms for your business.

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