Why Banks Should Embrace WhatsApp

Just a few years ago, it would be unheard of for the world’s major financial services companies to be operating almost entirely with a remote workforce. What a difference a short time can make.

There is a valuable lesson that banks need to learn from recent years: embrace technology, do not fear it. Fear of compliance issues was one of the main reasons that so many had put off fully adopting the collaboration tools that are now crucial to their businesses. This is most evident with WhatsApp.

In this industry brief, we’ll discuss:

  • How WhatsApp continues to gain ground in financial services
  • Recent noteworthy legal and disciplinary cases that centered upon the misuse of WhatsApp within banks
  • The expected responsibility of a bank to provide accurate accounts of any messages sent by their employees over WhatsApp

Download the brief to learn how you can take the next step in embracing technology.

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