The Future of Work in Financial Services: How to Enable Location-Agnostic Work

The disruption brought on by the pandemic has led to a near-complete reliance on digital communications tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack and mobile applications to perform even basic business tasks. For regulated financial firms, which are obligated to preserve and monitor those communications, the shift to a remote work model requires a major reexamination of business operations. This includes efforts devoted to risk mitigation, cybersecurity and the enablement of modern communications technology.

What firms might not have considered is how to leverage this moment as an opportunity, recognizing that the fundamental nature of how we communicate and collaborate has been irreversibly transformed.

Innovative financial firms are rethinking and reconfiguring their operations to prepare for the next normal. They are already seeking new technologies, redefining processes and revising supervisory protocols to be location agnostic. This modern way of operating enables employees to be equally productive, satisfied and effective regardless of whether they are in an office, at home or on the road — as long as communication is prioritized.

This guide provides a detailed view of what’s driving the shift to a lasting model of “work from anywhere,” and recommendations for taking advantage of these forces to manage risk and stay competitive.

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