Enterprise Buyer's Guide: Cloud Archiving Platforms

Technical requirements to consider when evaluating platforms

Cloud Archiving Platforms – A Market In Transition

Beyond traditional compliance and supervision requirements, increasing demands for more effective governance and e-discovery, requirements to better leverage IT resources and cut costs, and growing needs to capture analytic advantages from multiple sources of insight are combining to drive enterprises across a wide range of industries to adopt sound cloud archiving platform strategies.

This marketplace for related solutions has been undergoing a transformation. Today, enterprises are accelerating their shift to cloud-based solutions and are actively moving to platforms that address a wide and ever-expanding set of communications and content types (e.g., Microsoft Teams, Slack, SMS/text messaging, etc.) not only for compliance, but also for legal, IT, privacy, customer insight, and other needs.

As part of this transformation, compliance professionals are increasingly collaborating with their counterparts in legal, IT, security, and line of business roles and are finding that many offerings available in the market don’t fit their enterprise needs.

To avoid these pitfalls and set the stage for success, this assessment outlines typical enterprise challenges, key cloud archiving platform considerations and benefits, and next steps for effective evaluations. 

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