The Shift to Proactive Compliance

How Slack and Zoom are enabling financial services to stay connected, compliant, and ready for what’s next

Maintaining operations during unforeseen events takes more than luck; resilient companies identify and mitigate risk, invest in business continuity planning, build flexible crisis and incident response capabilities, and design business and technology systems for dependability.” – Forrester, “Entering The New Normal”

The digital transformation of the last couple years compelled financial organizations to adopt new channels for communication among employees and with clients. However, what initially looked like a passing trend of “work from anywhere” gained so much traction, it became the standard.

Now, financial services firms are working overtime to modernize their technology infrastructure to empower staff and keep up with regulatory, legal and security issues.
Smarsh recently invited key experts from Slack and Zoom to discuss the emergence of collaboration platforms as crucial, forward-looking business tools and how to adapt governance processes to suit.


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In this Webinar Brief, you’ll learn about:

• Common factors effecting continued change in the business landscape
• Regulatory implications of adapting technology and processes to a distributed work model
• How to approach compliance and risk management among all these changes

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