The Archive of the Next Ten Years:
A Solution Brief

Legacy archiving technology is not built for today’s communication tools.

Over the next ten years, every organization will continue to evolve a set of communication and collaboration tools — from email and text messaging, to voice-enabled apps and AI-powered collaboration platforms.

Email-centric archives were not designed to handle modern workplace collaboration and communication platforms. They lack any ability to process non-email content as multiple email messages, burdening HR, legal, and compliance teams with absent metadata, lost context, and a void of point-in-time edits and deletions along the way.

Additionally, on-premise archives introduce risk beyond insufficient capture. Compliant and competitive archives over the next ten years need to evolve.


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This guide provides the roadmap forward for your electronic communications archive.

Along with being the industry leader in communications capture, archive, and supervision tools, Smarsh Enterprise Archive is the only cloud-native content platform built on today’s leading cloud infrastructure.

Learn more about how your organization’s archive and supervision capabilities will have to adapt to the next 10 years by downloading this guide today.