What Is A Record?

How state and local governments are managing social and mobile apps and collaboration

Today, many state and local governments rely on technology to help employees work efficiently and find new ways to connect with the public. This proliferation of mobile, social and collaborative content creates new debate about what constitutes a business record.

Records management is a complex topic, especially now when there are so many different ways to communicate — including text messaging, social media, messaging apps and voice and video chat. In this brief, we take a closer look at changes in records management and how state and local governments can safeguard themselves against potential risks that today’s modern communication technologies pose.

You’ll learn:

  • The unique records management challenges raised by text messaging, social media, voice, video, and other modern communication channels
  • Why a strong records management program is crucial to protect the privacy and security of government records
  • How organizations, including state and county agencies, can produce records with minimal time, effort, and expense


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