The greatest risk of all
is expecting tomorrow
to look like today.

The case for communications intelligence has never been clearer

New Office

There's simply no going back. Workers have fully embraced — and demand — the flexibility of hybrid- and remote-work environments. Organizations need to support and empower employee collaboration wherever it happens.

New Data

Communications data erupted in volume, variety and velocity, pushing infrastructure to the limit and keeping compliance in a state of catch up. Yesteryear's supervisory systems are overwhelmed, and operational costs are skyrocketing.

New Technology

Applying language-based AI and machine learning, the Enterprise Archive Platform helps you manage risk at scale and turn your comms data into actionable insight — and a competitive advantage for your business.

Be ready for whatever comes next

Capture communications today — and tomorrow

Smarsh is the only capture provider that supports 100+ channels out of the box. This includes the most popular email, mobile, IM & collaboration, social, and voice tools used today. And we continue to build on our offering to ensure you’re prepared for the technologies of tomorrow.

  • Capture messages directly from the source, with full context and fidelity preserved
  • Unify user identity across multiple account types
  • Ensure data immutability of all communication records

Future-proof your organization

With scale and flexibility only available through the public cloud, Smarsh helps you stay ahead of your growing volume of communications data.

  • Leverage public cloud investment in security and uptime/availability
  • Consolidate and simplify your communications compliance infrastructure with one provider
  • Leave calcified on-premise technologies that don’t meet today’s needs behind

Turn oversight into foresight

Surface the critical signals in your communications and accelerate your business outcomes.

  • Significantly reduce false positives of suspicious activity compared to traditional lexicon-based approaches
  • Focus on real risk, with AI-driven models that reduce false-positive policy violations
  • Continuously improve accuracy and efficiency of communications review with machine learning
  • Complement lexicon-based review and illuminate unidentified patterns, trends and anomalies in your organization’s communications

Capture communications today - and tomorow

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