Risk is everywhere

Smarsh helps you manage it all.

Manage compliance using fewer resources in less time

It only takes one errant email or message thread to ruin your firm’s reputation, lose client trust and rack up hefty fines. But it only takes one partner – Smarsh – to make managing risk fast and easy — reducing the “work” of achieving compliance.

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Compliance made easy

Empower collaboration

Capture content — in its native format — from the communication channels your firm uses most. From email, mobile, social, video, voice and encrypted messaging channels such as WhatsApp and WeChat, your firm can enable and empower compliant collaboration.

  • Capture messages directly from the source, with full context and fidelity preserved
  • Unify user identity across multiple account types
  • Ensure data immutability of all communication records

All-in-one compliance management

Reclaim resources spent on managing and operating multiple, disparate systems with a single, comprehensive solution.

  • Simplify supervision tasks by reviewing and searching all your firm’s electronic communications data in one place
  • Gain insight into your oversight with powerful analytic tools to improve supervision efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce the time and cost of e-discovery with powerful search and case management tools

Navigate compliance with confidence

Lean into our more than 20 years of experience to help you meet regulatory obligations — and avoid costly and embarrassing enforcement actions.

  • Review, flag, classify, or escalate messages with purpose-built supervision tools to ensure risk is addressed and managed
  • Easily demonstrate reasonable supervision with intuitive reporting dashboards
  • Access and export your data at any time in multiple formats for legal holds or internal investigations