The Future of Buy-Side Surveillance

The FCA released an update in October of 2021 stating that firms will have to prove that remote working does not or is not likely to cause detriment to consumers, damage the integrity of the market, increase the risk of financial crime or reduce competition.

Since then, asset managers have focused on the need to update surveillance technology to a more risk-based approach. To do this, they need more data and — in particular — to add communications surveillance data to the mix.

“The easiest way to do this is to have all your communications be captured into a single repository and then apply the models and lexicons needed to determine whether there is language that should raise an alert being fed to the front end.”


1lod buy side jan 2022 banner

The following report, from the 1LoD Buy-Side Surveillance Leaders Network event earlier this year, illuminates the state of surveillance practices on the buy-side, including:

  • Only 24% of event attendees are currently applying risk-based communications surveillance
  • The expansion of communications channels, including voice, email, and text-based mobile applications such as WhatsApp
  • Necessary considerations for communications surveillance technology

Download your copy to find out more about the challenges brought on by remote communications, and finding the right technology to adapt.