The Surveillance Leaders Network Forecast 2022

Recent U.S. enforcement actions have highlighted the difficulties banks face in surveilling the communications channels and asset classes regulators demand. The fines reveal failings across the surveillance process, from data capture to overall culture, and emphasise that skimping on surveillance is a false economy.

In this report, you’ll learn about the key takeaways from the 1LoD Surveillance Leaders Network’s March 2022 meeting, including why:

  • A back-to-basics approach to data assurance — capture, storage, indexing — is overdue
  • A regulatory focus on data completeness and immutability is a game changer
  • Surveillance data and applications should move from on-premises to the cloud
  • Using outdated on-premises security and privacy controls is delaying cloud implementation
  • New approaches in data and tech are needed in complex markets such as fixed income

Get your copy to find out why it’s imperative for your bank to invest in data assurance and communication channels monitoring technologies to detect abuse in complex markets.

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