Forecast 2022: Culture & Conduct Deep Dive

The evolution of good behaviour

Conduct and culture are not simply matters for the human resources (HR) departments at financial services institutions. Regulators, too, have a keen interest in how firms ensure correct and ethical behaviour or rally their staff around a set of shared and clearly defined core values.

Regulators are using behavioural science, artificial intelligence and technology, data and audits to ensure that conduct in the workplace meets the highest standards.

This “Forecast 2022” report from 1LoD’s Culture & Conduct Deep Dive virtual event examines ways for firms to assess their existing company culture, align goals with employees’ core values to develop purposeful cultures, and reap the business benefits of a healthy organisation.

Firms must now decide which behaviours to promote, agree on the most ethical way of doing that, and engage their employees in the process.” – Brandon Carl, EVP Product Strategy, Smarsh

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