The Surveillance Leaders Network: Matching Challenges and Responses

One of the biggest challenges of surveillance is the sheer volume of false positive alerts. The shift to hybrid- and remote-work environments has made matters worse, and regulators are overwhelmed by the seemingly never-ending stream of alerts.

In this report, you’ll learn about the key takeaways from the 1LoD Surveillance Leaders Network’s December 2021 conference, including how:

  • Regulators and banks need to shift from siloed surveillance operating models to a more holistic approach
  • AI-driven cloud solutions are key to efficiently surveilling and analyzing the overwhelming data generated from hybrid-work environments
  • Surveillance needs to be a first-line function
  • Model governance processes are flawed and must change
  • A focus on data capture and immutable archiving is critical to the use of new technology

Get the complete report and learn the top surveillance priorities of 2022.

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