Smarsh Assisted Review

Maximize your review team's productivity

Empower your compliance review team to achieve greater efficiency by partnering with Smarsh Certified Professionals to review your communications and create automated workflows.  

Compliance and risk management can be challenging — particularly if you’re a growing business struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing volume of today’s communications. However, using an outsourced risk and compliance assessment service can be the way forward. Your team can prioritize suspected violations and necessary reviews while allowing Smarsh Certified Professionals to handle routine reviews — saving time and resources. 

assisted review workflows

Smarsh Assisted Review is not the same as an SEC/FINRA compliance consulting firm and not meant to be used as an outsourced chief compliance officer. Rather, Smarsh Assisted Review boosts your current regulatory compliance management team by complimenting your Smarsh archive and capture products, keeping your business in control with the support of an industry expert.

What is included in Assisted Review?

  • Ongoing policy design, review and optimization 
  • Supervision workflow optimization
  • First-pass review from Smarsh Certified Reviewers
  • Proactive monitoring and reporting

Smarsh Certified Professionals assist your in-house regulatory compliance team with risk management processes and offer various levels of support to help your firm find the correct level of assistance needed to keep your team on track and on schedule. 

Assisted review metrics

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"Assisted Review enables us to spend only what is required on email and message supervision. We don't need to add additional headcount, and the service scales with the quantity of messages that enter the archive. Beyond the cost benefit, Smarsh helped us implement thoughtful supervision policies. Our certified reviewers save our compliance team substantial time by filtering through content and surfacing the messages we need to see."

-- Matt Jones, Chief Compliance Officer, K1 Investment Management

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