A $2.8 Billion Dollar Problem
One Solution: Smarsh

Regulators say “enough is enough” when it comes
to off-channel communications.

Plenty of choices — but only one good choice

Every organization in the financial services industry has been put on notice about off-channel communications. There’s simply no way to ignore it, especially when total fines for off-channel violations have reached multi-billion dollar status (and continue to climb). When it comes to working with a partner that can give your organization the ability to compliantly collaborate and engage in whatever way you need, no other solution can do what Smarsh does.

One complete suite of compliance solutions

Future-proof your compliance program with proven, purpose-built capture, archive and oversight solutions that are designed to scale for evolving needs.

Turn off-channel ON

Empower your employees and customers to communicate on their preferred channels, including popular consumer applications like WhatsApp, WeChat, Signal and Telegram.

Take on whatever comes next with a trusted partner

With 20+ years of global financial services experience and a vast network of compliance and technology partners, we’re uniquely positioned to help you bridge communication trends with a dynamic regulatory environment.

Solve your compliance problems with Smarsh

Are you ready for a no-pressure chat about how your organization can compliantly collaborate and engage with confidence?