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Communication Intelligence: The Shift from Regulatory Obligation to Business Transformation

Communications Intelligence is the next revolution for compliance teams, creating a shift from a reactive model to proactive risk mitigation and business-driving machine.

The significant transformation to remote and hybrid work forced CCOs to think about how to manage and oversee digital communication tools and channels. The resulting increase in data volume and variety, distributed workforces, and digital communication channel usage will require regulated organizations to begin redesigning the core processes that govern how they communicate and accomplish important tasks.

Businesses in regulated industries must take a new technological approach to identify and mitigate risks, recognize new business opportunities, and leverage communications data as the life blood of one’s business.

In this session, we will discuss how organizations can tap into their Communication Intelligence by:

  • Leveraging communications as a strategic asset
  • Governing and managing new technology requirements for communications data
  • Understanding how machine learning will play an important part in managing the scale of communications data generated

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