How to Future-Proof Your Communications Archive

Future proofing your communications archive

Communications are evolving and the volume of content to be reviewed is proliferating. How will your organization prepare for its future retention and oversight needs?

Is your organization well-equipped to meet the stringent demands of regulatory compliance and e-discovery? Do you have an archiving solution that can capture and store growing amounts of data, from multiple communication channels?

As communication channels have evolved from email to mobile and collaboration platforms, outdated or cumbersome compliance processes and technology can become a liability. This next step in the evolution of enterprise archiving empowers Smarsh to enable organizations to manage their risk and uncover value within their electronic communications.

This infographic illustrates these points clearly, and is easily shareable within your organization.

Built on Microsoft Azure, the Smarsh Enterprise Archive supports content from more than 100 communication channels – including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Yammer, Exchange, OneDrive and LinkedIn. The Enterprise Archive enables full adoption of Office 365 and delivers unmatched performance at scale.

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