Smarsh AI-Powered Enterprise Platform Enables Compliance Teams
to Monitor 100+ Communications Channels, Spot Regulatory Risks Sooner

Leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform delivers unrivaled communications intelligence capabilities, making compliance management easier and cutting compliance retention costs by up to 50%

PORTLAND, Ore. (June 16, 2022) - Smarsh, the global leader in digital communications compliance and intelligence, announced today the latest release of the Smarsh Enterprise Platform. The platform is designed to meet the unique needs of global compliance programs by providing centralized management and governance across all channels of communication - including email, social media, instant messaging and voice.

The latest release of the Smarsh Enterprise platform delivers support for over 100 communication types, leverages intelligent data management to reduce compliance retention costs up to 50%, and offers industry-leading cloud encryption for a higher level of data security than on-premise solutions.

"Global compliance programs are under pressure like never before,” said Kim Crawford Goodman, CEO at Smarsh. “As businesses become increasingly global, they are challenged by complying with ever-changing regulations across multiple geographies. Modern compliance, therefore, must take a global view. Your hybrid workforce and customers can be anywhere, regulatory and corporate guidelines can vary, and agile compliance demands a secure cloud solution. Only Smarsh offers a comprehensive platform that enables compliance programs to proactively spot regulatory and reputational risks sooner. If companies get this right, they will build even greater trust with their own customers.”

The new Smarsh Enterprise platform delivers unmatched, expanded capabilities across four vital areas, to include:

  • Improved Capture Supports Modern Work
    • Customers can ensure a higher level of communications compliance globally
    • Capture coverage extended to 100+ channels across email, instant messaging, collaboration, voice, social, and mobile. This includes platforms like TikTok, Reddit, WhatsApp, Telegram, RingCentral, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and many others
    • 20% less time spent confirming audit trails with custom reporting
  • Intelligent Data Lifecycle Management Cuts Costs and Risks
    • Managed retention enables customers to store data by use case
    • Cut retention costs by up to 50%
    • End-to-End Reconciliation that gives visibility into the volume of data captured and archived from each discrete communications channel
    • Simplifies support of varying regulatory and corporate guidelines
  • Enhanced Machine Learning Consistently Meets Regulatory Guidelines
    • Advanced Scenarios improve ability to reduce false positives by up to 95%
    • Scenarios simplify explanation of ‘how’ Machine Learning works to regulators and auditors
    • Customers can surface more risks without creating regulatory complexity
  • Secure Cloud Architecture Minimizes Threats
    • Advanced encryption safeguards data better than on-premise methods
    • Improved role-based access to limit possible ransomware attacks

Why Global Organizations Need Communications Intelligence
In today’s hybrid work environment, organizations are more reliant than ever on digital communications to collaborate and stay connected and productive. The volume and variety of communications that financial services firms are required to capture, retain and review in support of regulatory retention and oversight obligations is rapidly proliferating. These communications contain compliance and brand risks, costly operational errors, security threats, real-time cultural indicators, and untapped revenue opportunities. Most companies have no systematic way to surface these signals. A comprehensive communications data strategy to meet evolving regulatory requirements and uncover the value within the communications they are required to retain will set these companies apart.

The Smarsh Enterprise Platform, the latest in communications intelligence, is a major step forward for regulated organizations. It enables them to illuminate risk and insights across petabytes of electronic communications generated by many different sources. Regulatory scrutiny is only becoming more sophisticated, and data will only continue to grow in volume and complexity. The only way for these organizations to truly leverage their digital communications intelligence at a global scale is by leveraging artificial intelligence and the flexibility and performance of the public cloud, two core components of this groundbreaking platform.

"Communications archives have long been considered the final resting place for organizations,” said Goutam Nadella, Chief Product Officer at Smarsh. “Now, with rapidly evolving compliance regulations and expanded surface area of corporate risk, archives have to evolve to deliver critical business insights. As a market leader with the most comprehensive product portfolio, Smarsh is uniquely positioned with the Enterprise Platform to help businesses surface actionable insights, with the simplicity and scale required for today's data needs and future-proof compliance infrastructure.”

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About Smarsh:  
Smarsh enables companies to transform oversight into foresight by surfacing business-critical signals in more than 100 digital communications channels. Regulated organizations of all sizes rely upon the Smarsh portfolio of cloud-native digital communications capture, retention, and oversight solutions to help them identify regulatory and reputational risks within their communications data before those risks become fines or headlines. 

Smarsh serves a global client base spanning the top banks in North America, Europe, and Asia, along with leading brokerage firms, insurers, and registered investment advisors and U.S. state and local government agencies. To discover more about the future of communications capture, archiving and oversight, visit


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