Introducing Web Archive

Collect your web content automatically, securely and in
required industry formats for compliance and e-discovery.


Your eyes into what's changed and when

Enabling you to archive all your website content automatically - to protect you against
false claims and prepare for regulatory or e-discovery events.

Key capabilities

to meet regulatory requirements and drive compliant productivity


Automatic Archiving

Web pages are captured in their native format, with original context including embedded video and website resources. Each page is automatically time stamped as it is captured and a customizable capture frequency can be set per website, whether your organization requires capture daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.


Simple Onboarding

Onboarding is simple and easy with configuration support through the Smarsh implementation team. Web Archive is cloud based, with no software to install or configure.


Advanced Search & Page Comparison

Web Archive comes with lightning-fast search that returns results within seconds. Users can:

  • Search filters by website, date, keywords and more
  • Make use of multiple page comparison options across two selected dates to view textual changes, deletions and additions
  • Save search options for future re-use


Discovery & Export

For e-discovery and compliance purposes, users can utilize Web Archive's intelligent review features, with easy filter and facet tools to manage relevancy and responsiveness. Export tools include the option for exports across PDF, screenshot (jpg) or text for the complete and accurate files that existed on that specific date.


Interactive & Dashboard Views

Web Archive includes a dashboard summary of all archived websites. Users benefit from our live browsing feature to view websites dynamically reconstructed as if they were still live and see how the site looked on a specific date. Views are fully interactive.


Admin & Reporting

Web Archive comes with advanced reporting on all archived data and rich reporting across every compliance action taken by any user in the platform.



Security is at the heart of our technology offering. Features include:

  • Top tier, SOC 2 data center that is externally validated
  • Proactive performance and security monitoring, including ongoing and regular external penetration tests by our dedicated security team
  • Stringent access controls including advanced authentication, single sign on (SSO) and multi-factor identification (MFA)

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Popular questions

Pricing includes one domain and is bundled by the number of pages being archived. Since all website pages are captured, per page fees help us charge you a fair price based on the size of your website, so that a firm with a 100 page site is not being charged the same as one with 10,000 pages.
Yes. The source files for photos, videos and other interactive content is captured and archived in the platform to ensure complete records of web pages.
Organizations are always at risk of litigation. Their websites are business records that can be used as evidence in a potential lawsuit. Without a proper archive of their web content, firms face enormous e-discovery costs, spoliation charges, and significant damages. By using our Web Archive product, organizations can quickly produce all requested web and social media information, and dramatically cut costs and risk.
By default, we archive the website daily, over the month that service is purchased. Different capture frequencies are available upon request.
Yes. Websites are considered business records. Therefore, financial firms and lenders are required to keep accurate records of exactly what was online. With Web Archive, firms know that this content is being preserved and can easily deliver the archived content to an auditor. Non-compliance can result in sanctions, fines, adverse publicity and worse so having a solution in place is critical.
You can see how a page looked today, yesterday or at any point in the past since you started archiving by side by side comparison. Users can use a visual side by side comparison in addition to an exception side by side comparison at the code level to see what changed. Our page comparison feature highlights any character change in the source code of the website.

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