Smarsh View: The Year Ahead

Five-part Mini-series

Smarsh View Multimedia series

The Smarsh View multimedia series features our team of compliance and technology experts. Get helpful guidance on how to successfully navigate modern electronic communications compliance challenges as well as insights into the trends that are shaping the future of business.

In this five-part mini-series, our experts share their predictions for the coming year.

The Future of Work Will be Enabled by Collaboration

2020 was a year of unprecedented disruption for businesses across the world. But this has led to an explosion of innovation in how we use technology to communicate and collaborate remotely.

Robert Cruz, Vice President of Information Governance at Smarsh, sees this as a huge opportunity for businesses in 2021, and how platforms like Teams, Zoom and Slack will help to deliver better results for customers and employees.

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3 Crucial Tips to Staying Compliant in 2021

The future of work brings both opportunity and compliance risk. Companies need to embrace new tools and ways of working, while also being mindful of compliance regulations.

Marianna Shafir, Regulatory Advisor at Smarsh, gives her top three tips on how companies can stay compliant in 2021 and highlights some of the ways companies got it wrong in 2020.

What Does Brexit Mean for Banks and Their Data?

At the end of 2020, a trade deal was agreed upon by the EU and UK, outlining how the two markets will now engage with one another and their respective regulatory frameworks. But the changes to the regulations governing the UK and EU’s financial services sectors remain largely unresolved, especially when it comes to the requirements of data regulations.

Shaun Hurst, Technical Director at Smarsh, outlines the three things that banks should keep front of mind as Brexit negotiations continue in 2021.

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Voice Capture Needs to Be a Priority in 2021

Remote working surfaced a whole host of compliance challenges for highly regulated companies in 2020. One of the biggest was the huge scale up in voice capture and archive. In 2020, usage of collaboration platforms rose by 400% and the average length of video calls tripled. This represents a significant jump in the amount of data that regulated companies are responsible for.

Dr. Svetlana Godjevac, Director of Product Management at Smarsh, gives details on how this trend is likely to continue in 2021 and what companies need to make effective voice capture a priority in the year ahead.

What’s Next for Compliance Tech in 2021?

Are we seeing the tipping point for enterprise archives moving to the public cloud? Will businesses start to enhance their supervision solutions with Machine Learning? And will 2021 be the year of Communications Intelligence?

In our final episode of The Year Ahead series, Greg Vesper, Chief Product Officer at Smarsh, answers the question: What’s next for compliance tech in 2021?

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