3 Ways Text Messaging Exposes Financial Services Firms to Massive Risk

While 97% of smartphone owners use them to send texts, less than a third of financial firms have a text supervision solution in place. According to the 2016 Electronic Communications Compliance Survey, this is the largest compliance gap facing financial firms today.

Texting is simple, concise and compatible with virtually every mobile device, operating system and wireless carrier – making it extremely accessible when a financial advisor or customer wants to reach out in a time-crunched world. But even though text is easy, reliable and intuitive—if it’s used for business communications, it can create tremendous risk.

Read 3 Ways Text Messaging Exposes Financial Services Firms to Massive Risk to learn:
  • What you need to do to meet regulatory obligations for text supervision
  • How to prepare for the possibility of litigation or discovery requests that include text messages
  • The solutions available to protect your business from the risk posed by text messaging

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