Ten Most Commonly Flagged Corporate Fraud Terms In Email

Have you ever wondered what phrases and words turn up the most in email conversations that involve corporate fraud?

According to the FBI, the most common are:

  1. Cover up
  2. Write off
  3. Illegal
  4. Failed investment
  5. Nobody will find out
  6. Gray area
  7. They owe it to me
  8. Do not volunteer information
  9. Not ethical
  10. Off the books

This list was compiled by software developed by the FBI and Ernst & Young, and it pinpoints and tracks common fraud phrases using insights gained from actual corporate fraud investigations. The software can also flag atypical changes in conversation tone and language.

According to Ernst & Young, most fraudulent email traffic is only seized by regulators or fraud investigators after the damage is done. As a result, more companies now want to find and address red flags before they can do damage and be seized by regulators and investigators.

Is there an easy way to detect these commonly flagged terms in your company’s email? Fortunately, yes. Smarsh Email Archiving allows you to capture every email (and attachment) that crosses, enters or leaves your organization, and preserve them in a central email archive. Permissioned administrators can then create policies that scan messages for keywords, phrases, or rule violations established by your industry and/or corporate policy, so non-compliant emails can be flagged, reviewed and addressed accordingly.

You can even incorporate the ten most commonly flagged corporate fraud terms into your email review and compliance policies.

For more information about Smarsh Email Archiving, contact Smarsh at 1-866-SMARSH-1 or sales@smarsh.com.

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