2021 Midyear Product Roundup

Capture enhancements, platform improvements and customer success expansion

August 12, 2021by Smarsh

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Periodically we publish the highlights of new Smarsh product developments to keep you in the know.

In the first half of 2021, our product development team delivered a variety of new product features derived from direct customer input about current and future needs. Read on for a high-level overview of some of the achievements we’re excited about. For complete details about updates by product line, log in to the Smarsh Documentation site for access to release notes.


Improved support for Microsoft Teams content capture

Earlier this year we expanded our support for Microsoft Teams using a new microservices architecture. This enables the capture of up to 250,000 users from environments using Exchange on-premise or Exchange Online. The capture of dynamic stickers, private channels and private teams is also now supported.

Integration with AWS Snowball

AWS Snowball is a petabyte-scale data transport solution that uses secure appliances to transfer large amounts of data into and out of the AWS cloud (S3). We have implemented support for Snowball technology that enables faster large-scale data transfers with performance that scales up to 1,000 messages per second.

Support for Microsoft Server 2019

When deploying Smarsh Capture on-premise, we now support the use of Microsoft Server 2019.

New supported channels

New and expanded support for the following channels is now available:

  • Cloud9 – Support for capturing voice solutions from Cloud9
  • BombBomb – New support for BombBomb video capture
  • Zoom Phone SMS – Support for capturing Zoom SMS from Zoom Phone
  • GoToConnect – Support for capturing voice from the GoToConnect phone system
  • LivePerson – Support for capturing the chat content from the LivePerson platform

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Enterprise Archive

Platform improvements

Improved scale, resilience and observability will help to achieve reduced incident resolution time, faster onboarding and a better user experience. Enterprise Archive now supports the ingestion of up to 100 million messages per day. Enterprise Archive can now export content to EML format up to 850 doc/sec and PST up to 500 docs/sec, multiple factors higher than our competitors.

New archive metrics dashboards

Enterprise Archive includes three new dashboards that give insight into your archive in an efficient way — Archive Trends, Archive Stats, and Daily Stats. These new dashboards give you consistent, reliable insights into your data.

Threaded design for collaborative channels

The shift to work from home placed a renewed focus on collaboration channels like Microsoft Teams. We responded to these needs with improved interfaces to support better contextual review of threaded communications with Teams channels.

Disposition simulation and reporting

Archive administrators now have visibility into routinely disposed content and can now simulate disposition and receive reports on what was deleted.​

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Enterprise Discovery

As a response to customer requests, Enterprise Discovery now supports bulk actions and day forward legal hold functions seamlessly, without any latency. 

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Enterprise Supervision

Our teams are constantly innovating, and occasionally we patent our new accomplishments. Earlier this year we received a new patent for our “Techniques for Supervising Communications from Multiple Communication Modalities.” Check out the complete list of Smarsh patents.

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Professional Archive

Microsoft Teams private channels

Capture critical employee communications on Teams private channels in addition to public channels.

Microsoft Teams selective archiving

Improve compliance control and billing accuracy with the ability to archive by user and team.

Zoom Phone SMS

Capture and archive SMS messages that are sent and received on users’ Zoom Phone accounts.

Archive feed control

The newly redesigned dashboard for authorized channels improves users’ archive feed visibility and capture control.

Enhanced group workflows

Seamlessly make changes to hierarchy company structure through newly enhanced workflows. We redesigned our user interface to provide a consistent experience across the platform.

Bloomberg compliance file updates

Bloomberg made updates to their message schema on June 1, 2021. Platform updates have been made to ensure no interruption in archiving.

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Web Archive

New home dashboard

The Web Archive home dashboard now enables quick access to website crawl details, including frequency, the last captured date and more. This update gives you increased visibility, management and understanding of your web archive and potential risk.

New purge and retention dashboard

This dashboard gives you the ability to set custom retention periods of up to 10 years. You can also use it to configure periodic purging of captured content from the system. To ensure that you always have full control over data retention, the default retention period remains “forever,” and purges are only executed upon proper configuration and enablement.

Wistia capture

Earlier this year we added support for capturing and archiving video content hosted in Wistia. This is full support and includes screenshot exports, ensuring that you are fully compliant by capturing videos on your sites.

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Customer Success

Smarsh customer success teams provide services that help customers with a variety of needs, including onboarding, ongoing education, operations services and much more.

Some highlights of new services made available in the first half of 2021 include:

  • Dell EMC SourceOne migration tools and services
  • Media storage & destruction services including detailed chain of custody, improved security and reduced liability
  • New operations services for day-to-day production support, configuration, tuning and more
  • Business Critical Support (BCS) options for Conduct Surveillance implementations
  • New courses and certification exams in Smarsh University that cover Conduct Surveillance and data science
  • New options from solutions delivery that support Conduct Surveillance model training, lexicon tuning and assisted review
  • New Value-Added Modules (VAMs) that support connection, synchronization and reporting from custom and uncommon services
  • Free mergers and acquisitions toolkit for understanding the value that Smarsh brings to your organization, and helps you create a business case for the continued use of Smarsh applications

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More to come...

We continue to work on improvements to all our products, services and solutions. Stay tuned to see what we have in store for the rest of 2021.

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