Enterprise Archive Metrics Dashboards

Statistics and trends provide insights into archive health

July 28, 2021by Smarsh

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Do you know what’s in your archive? Understanding the content of your communications archive is a valuable resource for your business. Not only for budgeting purposes, but also to gain a better understanding of how new communication channels are affecting risks to your business.

When managing IT resources to ensure compliance, maintaining and supervising the flow of information into your archive is critical. The Smarsh Enterprise Archive provides an easy-to-use solution for added visibility. Enterprise Archive now includes three new dashboards that provide insight into your communications. The dashboards are faster than the previous Archive Metrics dashboard, and give you consistent, reliable insights into your data.

Archive Trends dashboard

The new Archive Trends dashboard gives you confidence that the archive is capturing communications and processing new data into the archive. You’ll be able to see if there’s a spike in message rejections or failures, allowing you to investigate and resolve any issues promptly. It can also help identify if there are any unexpected changes to your data pattern. (See figure 1 below.)

Archive Trends Smarsh

Figure 1

Archive Stats dashboard

This new dashboard is designed to give visibility into all the channels you’re capturing, the amount of data received, average message size, and the number of attachments included. (See figure 2 below.)

Archive Stats Smarsh

Figure 2

Daily Stats dashboard

As messages move through the ingestion process in Enterprise Archive, they are examined to ensure that duplicates are removed and failures are reprocessed and eventually available for e-discovery. The Daily Stats dashboard gives you insight into messages at each state. (See Figure 3 below.)

Daily Stats Dashboard Smarsh

Figure 3

Looking to the future

These three new dashboards give helpful insights into your archive so you can make real-time decisions and mitigate potential risk.

To enhance the usability of these tools, we will be adding new parameters for understanding data trends. For example, do you have an uptick in the amount of data being captured from Microsoft Teams? Is this uptick accompanied by a drop in another channel’s use?

If not, this could indicate that a new uncaptured communication channel has been introduced without being added to the archive. This type of indication can be a starting point to begin further investigations and ensure all communications are being fully captured and preserved.

Additionally, our teams are building new tools to give you better insights into end-to-end reconciliation — from ingestion to disposition. This will allow you to track every message from the point of capture all the way through to disposition from the archive. The intent is to give visibility into every interaction with any specified communication, on any specific channel – whether it is a system level interaction, supervisory review, or legal hold. And all original message context is tracked.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments with Enterprise Archive.

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