Smarsh + Digital Reasoning = Communications Intelligence

The Smarsh and Digital Reasoning communications intelligence platform is the first integrated, AI-powered solution for the retention, oversight and analysis of electronic communications. Enterprises can now leverage communications data to quickly identify and minimize risks, illuminate new business opportunities and improve operational systems.


A Category of One



Two Innovators, One Vision

Smarsh + DR

Smarsh and Digital Reasoning pioneered capturing and archiving electronic communications and using NLP and AI to understand human communications in the enterprise. As one company, we continue to deliver state-of-the-art technology and services to compliance, risk and analytics leaders in financial services and other regulated industries.

Market Leading Solutions

Smarsh and Digital Reasoning are quadrant leaders, trusted by many of the world’s largest financial institutions for our enterprise capture, archiving, surveillance, e-discovery and analytics solutions. Our combined technologies create an end-to-end solution for uncovering the rich value that’s often hidden in business communications.

True Enterprise-Scale Solution

Together, Smarsh and Digital Reasoning have built a unified communications intelligence platform with a suite of enterprise applications. Proven at the largest scale, our combined offering enables customers to collect, preserve, search and produce massive volumes and varieties of electronic communications data. AI-powered analytics examine that data to illuminate business insights for the enterprise.

Communications in the Cloud

The communications streams generated by your workforce can tell you a lot about your organization. Having the right solutions in place to capture, monitor and analyze this information can help uncover new ways to protect your business, stay competitive and operate more effectively.

In this video, Smarsh Chief Technology Officer Greg Vesper discusses the significance of workplace communications as a business asset. Find out how a scalable, cloud-based technology infrastructure can help you build a data foundation from which you can gain new sources of value.

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More about Digital Reasoning

Learn more about how the Digital Reasoning solutions can help your team identify and prevent risk.

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