Smarsh Launches Comprehensive Cybersecurity Compliance Bundle Ahead of New SEC Proposed Rules 

Leading Cybersecurity Provider Introducing a Unified Solution Ahead of Sweeping Measures for the Financial Services Industry 

PORTLAND, Ore. (May 17, 2022) Smarsh, a leading developer of integrated cybersecurity compliance software and solutions for the financial services and insurance industries, announced today the launch of a new bundle built from award-winning Entreda and Privva cybersecurity offerings that will enable firms to meet the latest compliance requirements from the SEC regarding cybersecurity.  

The Cyber Compliance Bundle, created for firms of all sizes, is being made available to firms in the financial services industry as a discounted bundle, in anticipation of the SEC vote to propose rules mandating sweeping cybersecurity measures for registered advisers and funds. 

Sid Yenamandra, CEO and founder of Entreda, a Smarsh company, said, “New regulations that tackle the escalating threat of cyberattacks could soon require firms to report significant cybersecurity incidents within 48 hours. Wealth managers need an all-in-one network security solution. The new offering, available for five-person firms to 5,000+ person firms alike – brings together several capabilities under one roof.”  

According to the 2022 T3 Inside Information Advisor Software Survey, Entreda is the market leader for cybersecurity resources, for the fourth time running, with nearly a 12.5% share – almost four times more share than its next closest competitor in the financial advisory space. 

Steven Trigili, Chief Compliance Officer for Garden State Securities, said, “Partnering with Smarsh and Entreda on a comprehensive all-in-one solution that includes cybersecurity, vendor management and proactive archiving has enabled our advisors to grow and prosper in a safe, compliant environment while ensuring the highest standard of service. Our firm is built on trust, and the solution we use has enabled our advisors to work with their clients with the utmost confidence as they collaborate to reach individual goals.” 

The latest offering from Smarsh is designed to transform the way in which devices are monitored, while also liberating wealth managers from the need to decode volumes of new and existing regulatory material. With the bundle solution, firms can quickly integrate cybersecurity compliance requirements into their tech stack and ensure no device, user, network, or vendor is left behind at a time of increased cyberattacks against companies. Entreda ensures devices are protected through endpoint cyber posture monitoring and remediation, phishing awareness training, networks scanning checks, and comprehensive vendor due diligence. 

Goutam Nadella, Chief Product Officer at Smarsh, said, “As the leader in electronic communications archiving solutions for regulated firms, Smarsh is blazing a trail in supporting wealth management firms on their journey toward smarter and more effective compliance. Cybersecurity lies at the core of trusted relationships, including those of advisors and the clients they serve, and Smarsh is leading the way so firms can address new regulations with ease.” 

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About Smarsh 

Smarsh enables companies to transform oversight into foresight by surfacing business-critical signals in more than 80 digital communications channels. Regulated organizations of all sizes rely upon the Smarsh portfolio of cloud-native digital communications capture, retention, and oversight solutions to help them identify regulatory and reputational risks within their communications data before those risks become fines or headlines.  

Smarsh serves a global client base spanning the top banks in North America, Europe, and Asia, along with leading brokerage firms, insurers, and registered investment advisors and U.S. state and local government agencies. To discover more about the future of communications capture, archiving and oversight, visit 

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