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Smarsh Solutions on AWS

Smarsh solutions are specifically designed for today’s digital communications and position your business for the future. Using modern web-scale technologies built on AWS, we can ingest, search, protect and export your content orders of magnitude faster than legacy archives.

With Smarsh solutions, all content is retained in its full native context, preserving context and fidelity, reducing legal review costs and increasing compliance productivity. Smarsh tools are optimized to scale on AWS, so as your data volume grows there will be no impact on platform performance. It can be hosted in any availability zone in the world and is fully enabled to feed downstream applications.

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Key benefits of Smarsh on AWS



Capture, archive and discover in the cloud

At Smarsh we build products that solve the most demanding communications capture, archiving, supervision, surveillance and e-discovery problems of our customers.

To tackle the most challenging problems, we take advantage of the native benefits of AWS.

Smarsh products deployed on AWS include:

  • Enterprise Archive
  • Conduct Intel
  • Discovery
  • Cloud Capture
  • Professional Archive

Triple active availability

Using Smarsh solutions on AWS enables reliability in your communications and compliance strategy.

We deploy our archiving software across three different, geographically dispersed data centers, called availability zones (AZs). All three of those AZs are actively running the Smarsh software simultaneously. If one of the AZs were to ever go down, you would not lose any data. Your legacy IT recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) are now effectively zero. You will never lose the ability to log-in and access your data.

Infinitely scalable

Smarsh technologies on AWS position your business for the future. By building our technologies on cloud-native and modern infrastructures, Smarsh technologies can ingest, search, and export content orders of magnitude faster than legacy solutions.

By building natively for the AWS infrastructure, as your data volume grows, there is no impact to platform performance. Ingest historical data from your legacy archive and enable fast, efficient use of your entire data archive without any performance degradation.  

Meet data residency requirements

Wherever your organization is based, Smarsh is able support data residency requirements through AWS’s robust regions, edge networks and availability zones.

Wherever your organization calls home, Smarsh and AWS are ready to support your data needs.

Reliable and Secure

You can trust Smarsh and AWS with your most sensitive data.

Data is encrypted both in transit and when at rest, and is retained in an immutable, WORM-compliant format. All data centers are SSAE-16 SOC2 certified, including use of data centers with 24x7x365 physical staffing, redundant cooling, power, and networking.

We have designed our solutions to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements for communications monitoring, capture, storage and dispensation. All data stored in an immutable, WORM-compliant format to satisfy FINRA, SEC, CFTC, FCA, MiFID II and other regulatory requirements.

With 99.99% site availability, you can trust that your data will be accessible when you need it.

Cost savings

Smarsh solutions on AWS can save your organization time, money and unnecessary frustration.

Moving your current, historical and future data to Smarsh cloud solutions saves time spent supporting private data centers, failover servers as well as all the hardware and software upgrades that require both time and personnel.

Calculate how much you can save with an AWS-backed communications archive.

AWS Financial Services Competency Achievement

Smarsh Enterprise Archive has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Financial Services Competency. APN Partners must possess deep AWS expertise and deliver solutions seamlessly on the platform to receive the designation.

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