Smarsh View:

A Look Ahead at 2023

Smarsh View Multimedia series

Smarsh View is a multimedia series featuring our team of compliance and technology experts. Below, our team shares helpful insight into the trends that will define the regulatory technology space in 2023. This four-part video series discusses the most impactful compliance technology trends from last year and what to expect moving forward.

In this mini-series, our experts share their predictions for the coming year.

Shaun Hurst, Principal Regulatory Advisor

Avoiding regulatory landmines in 2023

The constant arrival of new communication and collaboration technologies present numerous challenges. Organizations have learned that being on the regulators' radar is costly. To avoid fines, negative headlines, and reputational damage, organizations must observe compliance trends and prepare accordingly.

Shaun Hurst, Principal Regulatory Advisor at Smarsh, identifies the regulatory landmines companies must avoid in 2023.

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Brad Harmon, Strategic Enterprise Partnerships

Helping customers contend with uncertainty

The amount of communications data that constitutes business records is growing unabated, and organizations must retain all of it. It’s a tall task to govern all communications that transpire through numerous sanctioned and unsanctioned channels — especially as regulations continue to evolve.

Brad Harmon, Strategic Enterprise Sales at Smarsh, covers how technology can help companies prepare for the regulatory unknown.

Rohit Khanna, Chief Customer Officer

Utilizing technology to scale customer success

The financial services industry saw historic fines in 2022. Regulators have sent a clear message: firms must account for off-channel communications, unsanctioned devices, training and processes, recordkeeping, and more. That is a lot to manage. But with the right technology, it’s easy.

Rohit Khanna, Chief Customer Officer at Smarsh, explains how regulatory technology solutions help support customer success in financial services.

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Goutam Nadella, Chief Product Officer

Using communications intelligence

The world is filled with technological solutions, and the access and connection to more channels — and risks — grow by the day. As a result, organizations face the hefty task of securing an expanding surface area of risk. But technology is not the enemy. Rather, using more advanced technology is the answer.

Goutam Nadella, Chief Product Officer at Smarsh, illustrates how technology can help reduce the surface area of risk.

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