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Smarsh for Capture

Corporate use of new communication tools is ever expanding. This increases productivity at work. However, ensuring all of those communications are captured requires a comprehensive solution.

Smarsh supports over 80 different commuincation channels across email, IM & collaboration, social, mobile, voice and Web. Once content is captured, it can either be retained in our integrated, compliant archive or sent to any existing archive, depending on your business needs.


Key сapture challenges


Our Solutions

Support for New Channels


Keeping up with the latest communication channels as they emerge is essential. Smarsh is always innovating to add support for the newest and most popular channels that are used by today's workforce to ensure you stay compliant. In addition, through our Technology Partner Program, content platforms have the flexibility to integrate directly with Smarsh archiving solutions using our APIs.

Comprehensive capture

Smarsh supports over 80 communication channels through API and direct source capture. Content is captured in its native format, with message threading to show messages in their original context. We enable your organization to capture and preserve your records in an unalterable format.

Compliant storage format

It's not just what you capture that matters, how you capture it is also critical. All data in the archive is retained in an immutable, compliant format, which satisfies the broadest range of regulatory requirements.

External archiver support

Some organizations already have an existing archive and need to use our connectors to send captured data to that archive. Using our external archiver option, clients can do exactly that. Or, clients can choose to retain all captured content in the Smarsh integrated, compliant archive, depending on business need.

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