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Smarsh and TeleMessage Enhance Mobile Messaging and Voice Capture

by Goutam Nadella and Guy Levit

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We’re thrilled to announce that TeleMessage is now a Smarsh company. TeleMessage technology solutions are an integral component of our combined, industry-leading mobile and voice compliance offerings, and we’re excited to welcome the TeleMessage team into the Smarsh organization.

As part of the Smarsh platform, mobile communications, and voice data are retained (alongside communications data from email, collaboration platforms, social media, websites, and more), and searchable, and can be produced on-demand for audits and investigations. Customers leverage Smarsh’s cutting-edge, AI-powered solutions for archiving, supervision, and surveillance to meet regulatory obligations and to surface and manage risk.

Why TeleMessage?

Regulatory compliance for mobile devices has been a challenge for many organizations, especially when mobile devices are used for both work and personal communications. Mobile communications, including text messages and chat conversations through consumer applications, have been the primary off-channel culprit.

Historically, firms had to engage a fragmented landscape of providers to adequately cover their risks. As a result, many companies simply had "gaps" in their compliance coverage — and regulators are noticing. In 2023 alone, U.S. regulators issued over $731 million in penalties to financial services firms for failure to capture and monitor “off-channel communications.”

With Smarsh and TeleMessage, firms can turn “off-channel” on. As a partner to our customers, we are committed to keeping ahead of evolving regulatory scrutiny. With a single provider, our customers have the broadest capture support across corporate mobile devices, consumer messaging apps, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solutions and collaboration apps.

"We’re delighted to be a Smarsh company now and to deliver solutions that help firms around the globe improve efficiency, reach, and customer engagements by enabling mobile communications while protecting their organization’s bottom line and reputation."

-- Guy Levit, Co-Founder of TeleMessage

At Smarsh, we are passionate about innovative and comprehensive technology solutions for our customers. The combination of Smarsh and TeleMessage demonstrates our commitment to investing and developing these solutions to meet our customers' evolving mobile and digital communications compliance needs.

On behalf of the Smarsh and TeleMessage teams, we are thrilled to join forces in our shared mission.

With Smarsh, customers can turn off-channel on, with ONE provider that provides the broadest capture support across:

Corporate mobile devices: Comprehensive coverage in North America and coverage throughout EMEA and APAC. Smarsh captures messages directly from 12 regional mobile carriers, with coverage in North America (e.g., AT&T and Verizon) and a growing footprint in EMEA and globally.

Consumer messaging apps: Industry-leading capture products for WhatsApp, WeChat, Signal and Telegram. Providing the most comprehensive and user-friendly compliance solution for WhatsApp, an increasingly business-critical channel in multiple geographies, with over 2.78 billion active users worldwide.

BYOD solutions: Supporting voice and text message capture on personal mobile devices, with the assurance of complete separation of private and business communications for communications compliance.

Collaboration apps: World-class coverage of corporate-approved collaboration channels like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack, covering messaging and voice.

Stayed tuned for updates or get in touch to learn more.

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