Information Drives Innovation

Turn electronic communications into a business asset

Uncover New Opportunities

The communications streams found in your workforce can signal new opportunities and inspire new ways to protect clients and operate more effectively. Having the right solutions in place to capture, analyze and understand those signals is essential to the way enterprises compete today.

Smarsh applies language-based AI and machine learning to all your organization’s digital communications, helping you uncover new opportunities while protecting your clients and your company’s reputation.

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Smarsh enables firms to enhance agility and top-line growth by deriving hidden insights from unstructured communications information. Find out how your electronic communications can fuel innovation for your business and help you manage risk.

Let communications transform your business




Smarsh Connected Capture provides a foundational component to derive understanding from content and prepares firms to support the next network demanded by your business

Capture over 80+ communications types, including leading collaborative and conferencing platforms, social media, mobile apps, email, voice, and web

Direct-from-source capture, preserving the unique content, metadata and event information contained within today’s multi-modal, mobile and interactive collaborative tools to minimize the risk of missing important conversational context

Extensibility to quickly add new channels, features or users, and the ability to rapidly develop new content connectors via Smarsh VAMs


Smarsh Enterprise Archive serves as a clean, hyper-scalable data platform to ensure fast, consistent and reliable access to information. It provides a modern, cloud-native platform enabling the quick addition of resources to meet changing business needs.

Cloud-native design on any leading public cloud infrastructure including AWS and Microsoft Azure, with built-in agility to quickly embrace the latest cloud innovations

Triple-active availability to achieve 99.99% uptime and ensure that your data is always available to take advantage of quick-moving opportunities

Single point of control to search and retrieve information from any source with powerful search features, across any volume of content

Hyper-scalable microservices to quickly add resources and ensure that your business has consistently fast access to information regardless of growth rates of data volume and variety

Fully- accessible APIs to ensure that stored content can be quickly harnessed by downstream CRM, analytics and other customer intelligence platforms


Digital Reasoning Cognition applies advanced natural language processing technologies to spot customer trends and patterns that can be harnessed by customer engagement platforms to create new opportunities.

A clearer view of regulated employees with instant messaging, email, social and voice surveillance

Integrated platform to seamlessly analyze different types of electronic communications for misconduct

State of the art machine learning to continuously improve accuracy and efficiency of communications review