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The text message capture & retention solution designed
specifically for Federal Agencies.

FedRAMP in process.


Modern, secure cloud technology

Deployed in AWS GovCloud and built to meet federal security requirements, the Smarsh Federal Archive enables agencies to capture, archive and access employees’ mobile text communications. Supported channels include AT&T and Verizon, with additional communication channels on the roadmap.

Key capabilities

to meet regulatory requirements for mobile text communications

Direct Capture key capability

Direct, Contextual Capture

All content is captured directly from AT&T and Verizon via API connections. Messages are captured with full context and metadata, rather than being flattened to email format. Upon ingestion into the archive, content is easily accessible and ready to be leveraged for high speed search and export.

Powerful search key capability

Powerful Search

Federal Archive supports industry-leading search speeds, regardless of the volume of ingested data. Users can search by keyword, message sender or recipient, date range, communication channel, attachments and other metadata. Boolean search is supported. Search results are displayed with message threading and attachments to maintain the full context of each conversation. Users can refine complex searches via a drop-down menu on the results page.

high speed exports key capability

High-Speed Exports

Any or all messages and message metadata can be exported from the platform. Message files can be downloaded locally in either EML or CSV formats. Exports are password protected, with permissions managed at the user or admin privilege level. Export history logs can be displayed in the platform for reference or repeat download purposes. Messages can also be exported from search results – either the full search list or a subset of selected messages within the search results.


External Archive Functionality

In addition to its integrated archive, Federal Archive provides clients with the option to capture content and send it directly to an external archive in EML or SFTP format.

adv admin permissions key capability

Advanced Admin & Permissions

Within the platform, identities are unified across supported channels and are searchable by profile. Profiles can be filtered based on whether they are internal or external, by person or organization and/or by channel. Admins have a dashboard view of their organization’s archived channels as well as the provisioning status of each channel for enhanced oversight. Advanced user management means that users can be assigned roles within the platform and marked as active or inactive. The platform also supports granular, role-based access controls that can be managed through an admin user interface for added security and permission visibility.


Federal Grade Security

Federal Archive will be deployed in AWS GovCloud. Built specifically for government agencies, GovCloud hosts sensitive data and regulated workflows with the most stringent security and compliance controls. It is available to vetted government customers as well as organizations in government-related industries that meet AWS GovCloud (US) requirements. Federal Archive’s GovCloud (US) Regions are subject to FedRAMP Moderate baselines, allowing customers to host sensitive Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and all types of regulated workloads. Amazon’s physical and other security controls have been architected to meet the specific requirements of government agencies. The platform adheres to top-tier security standards, with all captured data encrypted in transit and at rest.

in process key capability

FedRAMP in Process

Federal Archive currently has ‘FedRAMP in process’ status. Federal Archive has been purpose-built to meet FedRAMP’s specific requirements including, but not limited to -

  • Internal API Secure Communication
  • Internal Certificate Management
  • Restricted Access (by IP)
  • Defensible Deletion
  • Legal Hold
  • Custom Retention
  • Client Data Audit Logs & System Audit Logs

Supported Channels



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