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Enable unified compliance and e-discovery workflows across all your business communications

Zoom's market-leading collaboration platform supports virtual meetings and instant messaging that has become a cornerstone technology for an increasing number of organizations. With increasing adoption, firms have millions of electronic records generated by Zoom each day. However, without the right solution in place to govern its usage, the popularity of platforms like Zoom open enterprises up to risk.

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Smarsh helps reduce the risk of data loss, breach, and non-compliance with regulatory mandates so employees can communicate with confidence. Smarsh capture and archiving solutions for Zoom enable:

  • Comprehensive Compliance: Smarsh provides native compliance and governance for Zoom meeting, Zoom phone and Zoom IM content, both in-meeting and out of meeting. This content can be sent to the Smarsh Enterprise Archive to help meet FINRA, SEC, FCA, MiFID II and other regulatory mandates. The quick search and display of contextual data make supervision and reconciliation functions more efficient.


  • Monitoring of Zoom IM content: All content can be inspected for sensitive information, suspicious behavior, and/or abusive language. Administrators can review policies that flag keywords across messages and in-file text to pinpoint any violations.


  • Cloud-to-cloud Capture and on-premise Capture solutions: Enabling organizations to modernize their ability to capture multiple communications and collaboration channels quickly to achieve compliance and reduce overall TCO.


  • Native voice capture and transcription: Audio content from Zoom can also be captured using Smarsh, with the ability to search voice transcriptions alongside text-based content. Best of breed transcription services support over 120 languages and regional dialects.


  • Automated archiving and fast, effective supervision and e-discovery: Smarsh Capture integrates seamlessly with the Smarsh Enterprise Archive, Digital Safe Archive, or an archive, app, or data lake of your choice. Zoom content is fully indexed and contextual threading produces complete conversations without flattened data. Search can be done quickly across archives based on nearly any criteria, for accurate, fast, and highly effective e-discovery and case management.


  • End-to-end security: Whether data is in transit or at rest.


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