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Smarsh + Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing application from Microsoft, powered by instant access to everything you need right in Office 365. Smarsh captures Teams content securely and directly from Microsoft, on-prem or in the cloud. Smarsh now offers Control for Teams - a data-loss prevention (DLP) solution for organizations capturing content in support of archiving, compliance and e-discovery initiatives. With Control, you can automate the enforcement of internal policies, and actively block and delete content within Teams that violates those policies, strengthening compliance, risk and security efforts.

Key Capabilities to drive compliant productivity

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DLP policies & alerts

DLP policies can be implemented within the Smarsh Control App, and Teams content is monitored for potential violations in near real-time. Content can be deleted or challenged when it violates policy rules, and notifications of enforcement actions populate within the native Teams application.

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DLP alerts within native MS Teams experience

Control enriches the Teams end user experience with DLP alerts within the Teams client when organizational policies are violated and/or when information loss risk is recognized.


Compliant, contextual capture

Smarsh captures content from one-to-one chats, multi-party chat, and persistent channels, including messages (plus edits, deletes and replies), emojis, GIFs, files, stickers and links in order to meet your compliance obligations. Content is captured in full context (including images, participants, chat room names etc.) for the most effective review experience.


Native file capture

Smarsh partners with Microsoft to capture Teams content direct from the source via API integration. Files uploaded into Teams conversations are captured and retained in their original format, regardless of a user’s device, location, or network, rather than being converted to email format.

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Powerful search

Smarsh users can search for Teams content based on user, date range, keywords etc. Search results are available instantly and displayed in a clear, user-friendly format for maximum time efficiency.


Integrated or external archiving

All Teams content, as well as full fidelity metadata and contextual data, is available for ingestion into the Smarsh Connected Archive or a customer’s existing archiving solution(s). Retention periods can be set according to your organization’s needs and in support of regulatory compliance, e-discovery and/or recordkeeping initiatives.

Serving the complex needs of large, global financial institutions

Smarsh has domain expertise in serving the compliance needs of large global banks and other financial institutions since the turn of the century. Our on-prem capture of data fits within your secure infrastructure, with alternate cloud deployment options available if needed.

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